AT&T U-Verse® Bundles

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  • 3 Services on One Bill!
  • Build Your Own Package!
  • Over 205 HD Channels!
  • Lightning Fast Internet Speeds
  • Crystal Clear Voice

Save when you bundle!

Save time and money when you bundle with U-verse! No one likes having to keep with up with any more bills than they have to. Consolidate your counter space and get the whole home bundle with AT&T U-verse!

With everything revolving around the power of the Internet today, it has become more of a necessity than an option to have a powerful broadband connection that allows you to work and stay connected. Having hundreds of channels from AT&T is undoubtedly a fantastic feature to have for any home where available, but if you had the opportunity to bundle with AT&T Internet, you know that you wouldn't want to miss out.

The Features

  • Over 510 Channels
  • 100% Digital TV
  • Premium Channels
  • Total Home DVR®

Advantages of U-Verse Bundles

With four different bundle options to choose from, you can be sure that there is one that matches up to what you are looking for. Every family has various needs, and with AT&T U-Verse, you have every reason to feel confident that the perfect bundle package awaits.

With U-Family + Internet Elite you can enjoy up to 140 channels, plus a trusty downstream speed of 6 Mbps. This is an ideal bundle package for the basic user of TV and Internet. With its current price, it's an unbeatable bundle.

U200 TV + Internet 18 means having up to 300 channels, as well as a 12 Mbps Internet speed. This is the kind of AT&T bundle package for the household that is constantly connected to both entertainment and work.

Step it up even more with U-Family + Internet Basic 6 + AT&T Phone 200, and get everything that comes with U-Family + Internet Basic 6 bundle, but also add 200 nationwide minutes with AT&T Phone 200.

The biggest bundle of them all is U200 TV + Internet Basic 6 + AT&T Phone Unlimited. Up to 300 channels; a 6 Mbps Internet connection, and unlimited nationwide minutes - this is the ultimate from AT&T. Maximize your home by calling today.

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